Cloud computing solutions by StrategyBeach

Take your applications beyond local devices and servers with our Cloud Solutions for Enterprises. Your applications are hosted on the cloud and can be accessed anywhere without any geographic limitations, and on multiple devices. Users can access the applications simultaneously both in online and offline mode.

Based in Orange County, CA with 8 years of solid Cloud solutions design expertise under its belt. We are a proven Microsoft partner in developing highly scalable enterprise cloud applications.

We thrive on communication, collaboration, and contextualization to deliver the fast and effective results you company deserves. We are committed to using the agility of our design and development team to produce the finest solutions possible. From our team to yours, we guarantee only the best.


Software As a Service

Host your applications remotely on cloud and enable your users to access your software without any installation. Users can pay for services on a periodic basis without the need for any licensing. Know More

Platform As a Service

We establish the platform for your applications to seamlessly interact between the hardware, database, operating system and middle-ware and manage your system administration efficiently.

Infrastructure As a Service

Do away with the hassle of renting and managing servers and hardware equipment required for running your applications. We will work with the vendors to get your remote infrastructure requirements in place.



Why choose StrategyBeach

With our experience in cloud development, heres what we can do for you:

  • StrategyBeach will handle the all aspects of your application on the cloud – from configuration, to deployment and maintenance.
  • We have expertise in hosting applications on proven cloud platforms that are reliable and scalable
    – Windows Azure
    – Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    – Google Cloud

  • Our Certified developers have worked with multiple technologies in building and managing applications that use shared resources and are on-demand in nature.

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