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StrategyBeach utilizes some of the best CMS sytems as the platforms for web development. Apart from solid foundations to work on, these platforms ensure future compatibility with constant updates and a huge support community.

We build your solutions using world class platforms!


WordPress, which started as a light-weight Blogging platform has matured into a complete web development platform of sorts. With millions of plug-ins that can be installed in a single click, WordPress has crawled its way through the ranks of CMS world and now stands at the most used CMS worldwide. All this thanks to its modular nature.

Just like Joomla!, WordPress solutions are implemented in almost all fields online with plugins that transform a simple blogging software into a web developers delight!

Our WordPress solutions, mixed with our know how of the SQL Database fine-tuning, ensures that your WordPress installation never slows downs in heavy traffic. We ensure a smooth and distraction free web-experience.


Develop your latest website using one of the most popular fully-featured content management systems out there. Joomla! boasts a huge repository of extensions and add-ons that make it versatile enough to be used in any kind of project, be it a simple blog, a business website or an E-Commerce store.

Or Joomla! based solutions are highly personalized and customized according to our clients needs. Our in-house developed Joomla! extensions are exclusive to our customers, giving them an edge over others.

Other Platforms Used


Silver Stripe

Cushy CMS

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StrategyBeach can get you on the internet in no time at all. With the world class platforms at the back, our customized solutions will set you apart from the crowd!

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