StrategyBeach leverages established and emerging interface technologies to create intuitive user interfaces and deliver the best-in-class user experience for our customers.

Usability and user experience rank high on our list of priorities for the websites, web applications and mobile apps we build for our clients. We revamp existing websites and build new applications using appropriate technologies including HTML5, CSS3, Silverlight, and Javascript and jQuery.

Why choose StrategyBeach

  • We create well-designed applications and websites that empower and engage users while solving business problems.
  • We are up-to-date with the latest front-end technologies and rich Internet applications that are helpful in creating intuitive user experiences.
  • All our codes are rigorously tested and validated to ensure seamless experience across multiple browsers and devices.

We use the following UI & UX technologies


HTML5, which comprises of HTML, CSS3 and Javascript enables creating of stunning websites and applications that are consistent across multiple platforms and browsers. It is cross-platform in nature, and supports mobile app development for different browsers.


jQuery is a free, open source and rich Javascript library with a set of useful and powerful features. jQuery is lightweight, and supports multiple browsers. jQuery Mobile Helps build responsive websites that can be accessed on mobile phones and tablets.

Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight helps create attractive and powerful interactive experiences such as animation, streaming video and graphics for your customers. It is a Rich Internet Application powered by .NET framework and works on different browsers, operating systems and devices.

Mobile UI

StrategyBeach employs the latest mobile frameworks for touch screen applications and hybrid mobile apps. These include jQuery Mobile, Mono for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry as well as XCode, Sencha Touch, Titanium and Phonegap.

Rich Internet Applications

StrategyBeach adopts various Rich Internet Applications to create user interfaces that are visually appealing and yet do not increase the page load time or require additional plugins. These include but are not limited to Adobe AIR, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, jQuery and MS Silverlight.

Responsive Design

Responsive design adapts itself to various screen sizes and resolutions and is hence useful to build websites that work well on smartphones, tablets, and desktops PC, as well as laptops and MacBook. One page fits all sizes and devices.

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