SugarCRM solutions by StrategyBeach

With over a deacde of experience, StrategyBeach enables your enterprise to leverage the benifits of world class CRM solution integrated across your enterprise functions.

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Sugar is a complete CRM solution that automates your core sales, customer service and marketing processes, with a focus on the individual. Users get powerful functionality they’ll actually want to use, driving higher adoption and greater business insights. Being modular by design, new features can be easily integrated with the existing implementation.Third party extensions allow for a feature rich experience where all your needs are covered.

Our Services

  • SugarCRM setup and configuration
  • Consultation and requirement analysis
  • SugarCRM customization as per your business needs
  • Integration with other systems and databases e.g. QuickBooks, SQL Server
  • Performance tuning
  • Migration from another CRM

Complete view of Customers

Sell proactively and avoid surprises by knowing what matters to your accounts and contacts, when it matters. Know your accounts inside and out with 360-degree customer activity history. Understand what matters to your key contacts and when to engage with smarter account intelligence based on cross-channel and social media activity.

Social Selling

Sell based on relationships. Leverage social networks to expand your prospecting and contact networks. Track key selling opportunities across social sites and respond directly from your CRM system. Manage all social interactions along with your other communications in the context of your CRM system. Sugar is fully Social CRM ready.

Expert Collaboration

Sell with the power of the collective enterprise. Get every resource you need when you need it. Connect in real time with experts across your organization, collaborate and share winning practices to accelerate every stage of the deal cycle.


Realtime pipeline management

Sell on time with real time, personalized access to every deal in the pipeline. Track early indicators and changes affecting your pipeline so you can stay ahead of your forecast, spend time where it counts, and meet your sales targets.


Workflow and Approvals

Sell more by automating your day-to-day tasks. Automatically drive deal change alerts, route leads to teams, communicate with prospects, assign opportunities, and monitor account activity.


Email, Calender, File Management

Sell using your favorite applications with  built-in email integration. Easily integrate with Google apps (Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Contacts) and

Prospect and Customer Targeting

Personalize your pitch by identifying key segments of targets and prospects with Sugar’s reporting engine. Leverage information captured from multiple channels to focus your marketing efforts on the best prospects. With Sugar you get high personalization with low effort. The result? Improved customer engagement.


Lead Tracking

Align with sales. Effortlessly place actionable insight in the hands of the sales organization. Capture their feedback and ensure only high quality leads flow into the funnel. Coordinate processes for more timely, multi-touch follow up, and monitor the activity of leads throughout the sales pipeline.


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Multi-Touch Campaign

Stay on your customer’s mind. Leverage information on prospect and customer events and activities across your business and social communities to identify relevant, timely opportunities to engage your customers and leads. Nurture leads based on their activity and interest levels across channels so your solution is always top of mind, no matter where your customer is.


Multi-Chanel Marketing

Market across channels. Sugar supports tracking of both digital (email and newsletter) and traditional (trade shows, events, radio ads, etc.) campaigns. Sugar also enables you to easily incorporate social promotions and apps into your campaign mix, so you can track the effectiveness of all channel initiatives and messages in a single system.

Activity History

Deliver real insight. Know your customers inside and out with Sugar’s 360-degree view of customer activity history. Get the most relevant, up to date customer insight across your business in a single view. Spend more time addressing your customer’s requests and less time searching for basic information and entering data updates.


Workflow Management

Deliver on time service. Respond faster by routing calls and emails to the right service representative. Address issues proactively and eliminate escalations by monitoring and prioritizing customer activity across channels. Enhance customer satisfaction by turning every channel into a rapid response support channel.

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Knowledge Base

Deliver smarter service by providing accurate, user-ranked content across your knowledge base as well as Google, business and technical communities, and social media channels. Empower every customer to get rapid access to the answers they need quickly.


Support and Service Analysis

Deliver customer expertise. Sugar reporting and dashboards provide you with real-time information about your customer’s history, product usage, and hot topics. Track responsiveness and time to resolution across accounts, teams, and departments, common customer problems and root causes, and overall customer satisfaction.

SugarCRM has been built from the start to be extensible. It provides a platform to build rapidly. It gives you the option to host you solution on the cloud or on-premise, totally upto you.


We help you customize your SugarCRM solution to the bones. Keep what you want, remove the rest. Leverage existing objects such as Contacts, Accounts etc to build totally new module, just let us know what you want. And the best thing, we deploy it for any platform of your choice, be it mobile, browser or email client.

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Why choose StrategyBeach

Having experienced it first hand, we understand how a properly executed CRM solution can do wonders for your business. Our CRM solutions focus on this aspect of the problem and ensure that our clients experience the same level of satisfaction as we do with our own solutions.
With over 10 years of experience in implementing CRM solutions in start-ups and large corporations alike, our team of expert developers ensures that their deep knowledge of the field brings a smile to your customers.

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